Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dunedin, Fl - day trip

Delightful Dunedin Florida, located on the Gulf of Mexico, near Tampa, is a quaint, city of 35,000. With the charm of a small town and amenities of nearby large cities, downtown Dunedin is a shining example of people and environment friendly revitalization. There are more than 100 privately owned shops, restaurants, boutiques, art, antiques stores, a marina , hotels and bed and breakfasts -- all within a few blocks of easy walking. Over 26 downtown festivals also make Dunedin a great places to live
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008


Oh yeah. What a dinner last night with Johnny Jet and friends. But you know I'm hungry again and I just got a call from my sister Arlene asking me to join her, my sister Judy and her husband Mike for lunch at C'est La Vie. Main street Sarasota is where I went. Arlene chose the prosciutto salad, Judy the breakfast crepe while Mike and I selected the smoked salmon. The picture will tell the rest of the story. Viva La France!


I"m back in Sarasota thawing out from the Buffalo extreme weather. Strolling along the Bay Front thinking about having a brew and stopped at Oleary's Tiki Bar and Grill. Sat myself down outside on the deck enjoying the Sarasota skyline. What a beautiful day. It's good to be home where the pelicans roam....Where will I go next?. Oh well I have the rest of the lazy day to think about it..


While kicking back at Oleary's I received a call from Johnny Jet inviting me to join him along with Kerry Morrissey of Ocean Properties for dinner at the Sun House in Bradenton Beach. Johnny's always smiling!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back in Sarasota-Bradenton

Roy is back in town again with Arlene but for how long is anyone's guess. We (Roy, Arlene, myself and my wife Judy) drove down to our friends Eddie and Anita in the tropical oasis of Cape Coral Florida. We had a wonderful time with Eddie and Anita and also enjoyed a great home cooked meal. I myself was treated to linguine and mussels which was sooo good. Everyone else had Anita's wonderful beef stew. Thank you Anita for the special treat and thoughtfulness. Everyone loved there meal as Anita is such a good cook!. Roy says he ate to much good food. But how could he not!.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


OK OK. It's not always snowing in Buffalo or the surrounding areas. Roy says to post a video of his visit to Niagara Falls last spring just to show you all how beautiful it is there.


Well it looks like Roy has left the Big Apple and landed himself, in all places, Buffalo New York; In the winter!!. Seems that his sister, Dr. Arlene Sullivan, lives just outside Buffalo and Roy thought it would be nice to pay her a surprise visit. Well Arlene "was surprised" and after stoking the fireplace with some fresh logs sat down at the piano and played Roy a cozy tune or two. Thanks to Arlene for keeping Roy warm and out of yet another Buffalo snow day

Friday, January 11, 2008


Hello everyone: Roy has reported in from Times Square in New York City. He is having a blast and says "so is everyone else". Roy wishes everyone the best for 2008. He will be leaving New York in a few days. He will need to recuperate from tonights festivities. Go get em Roy!!