Friday, January 8, 2010

The who will and who won't use body scanners

The constant debate of using body scanners is changing day by day....Today France announced it will use body scanners at some of its airports, initially to search passengers flying to the United States. France also said it would tighten security measures at its airports after the failed attempt to blow up a US plane heading for Detroit on Christmas day.

Initially, a scanner will be installed at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris within the next two weeks and another at the city's Orly airport at a later date.

Washington has asked other countries to improve their aviation security technology after the failed attack highlighted US intelligence and security faults.

Canada, the Netherlands and Britain have said they plan to use body scanners. Italy is considering them and Nigeria, the country of origin of the man who tried to blow up the Detroit-bound flight, will install them.

The big issue sure to come is the re-action of privacy issue advocates....Stay tuned....