Saturday, July 5, 2008


Did you ever have your deck chair taken while you wandered away for a bit? Problem solved! While Darrell Bowman and his family where on a cruise last summer, they witnessed more than one scuffle over chaise lounges breaking out on the main deck. Instead of merely relaxing in the sun, vacationers fought about whether another cruiser moved a towel to usurp a prized spot. “There’s high demand to get just the right chair during sun time,” Bowman said. But rather than get riled up, he saw an opportunity. And on the drive home, he couldn’t let the idea go. “People were getting into arguments and I just kept thinking, there’s got to be a better way,” . So in late May Bowman launched Lounge Hats LLC, an Indianapolis-based company that makes fabric covers that fit over chaise lounges to make one thing clear" This seat is taken". For more informaion you can go to Lounge