Friday, June 19, 2009

Europe by Air Adds Low Israel fares

In a conversation with Bill Wolf, President of Europe by Air, Bill explained his unique approach to finding new low fares for his clients. "Europe by Air has been working with European tour operators to purchase excess seat capacity on their charter flights, allowing EBA the ability to offer them at an extreamly discounted rate to our clients. In these challanging times one has to think on their feet and be a bit more creative in their approach to marketing our products. For the past 12 years EuropebyAir Flight Pass has made hopping around Europe and beyond fun, cheap and easier. Adding Israel to our inventory of select fares is an exciting break through because these low one way fares are not available any where else. We were getting so many requests for Israel I have worked long and hard to obtain these exclusive contracts so they would be availble this season. EBA is pleased to welcome Israel as our new destination for hopping around Europe and beyond this summer" For more information go to NEW "INSIDER" FLIGHTS TO ISRAEL or call 1 888 321 4737