Monday, June 1, 2009

Travel Perks ?

This was recently posted by Jill K Robinson and felt it was worth sharing.
Have you ever gotten excited about a travel “perk,” only to realize later that it isn’t all that? Here are a few we’ve come up with at TravelMuse that bug us: Swim-up bars. It may sound nice to luxuriate in a swimming pool and not have to get out and drip at the bar just to order a drink. But when you look at the people sitting at the swim-up bars and see how long they stay there (hours) while drinking, you just have to wonder: How do they not need to use the bathroom? First class on domestic flights. We all appreciate the larger seats, free beverages and silverware, but first-class seats and service on domestic routes are never quite as special as those on international ones. Sure, it’s probably about the money you spend. Isn’t everything? Airline clubs. Some are better (Continental—free alcoholic beverages) than others (American—no free booze), and sitting in a cushy seat while you’re waiting for your flight certainly is better than the waiting areas at the gate. Usually, when we spend money on a membership, we expect a little more than a nice seat and free Wi-Fi, like free (or inexpensive) drinks and more than nuts to chew on. Don’t you? Wireless Internet in hotels. Why is it that it often seems cheaper hotels offer free Wi-Fi and more expensive ones charge you a fee? Shouldn’t that be covered in the rate you’re paying already? And if you’re paying a fee, shouldn’t the Wi-Fi work? Complimentary breakfasts. Yum! We always appreciate eating, especially when a hotel throws it in for free. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but a soggy croissant and warm orange juice isn’t worth advertising as “complimentary breakfast.” And is it really necessary to tack on that tacky supplement for lukewarm eggs and meat with your “free” meal?